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About Jerry Sullivan

Jerry Sullivan of JSCPM provides investigative analysis, reports, and expert witness testimony regarding construction defects and accidents of site and building projects. He has a BS engineering, and 40 years of hands on experience in supervising and management of site, infrastructure, building construction. He has an extraordinary scope and depth of detailed construction experience.

Jerry Sullivan holds the California License for General Engineering and General Building contractor for JSCPM.

Sullivan's expertise includes standards of construction, management, conformance to plans specifications, and safety issues. He has had 15 years of experience as manager of design and construction for owners, including the selection and management of all project consultants. He has provided both project management for owners and construction management for construction companies. He has been selected as a consultant and expert on many cases involving construction defects and accidents that occurred in the construction and demolition of buildings and site projects. Four of these cases involved fatalities.

Please call 650-722-4546 for a complete CV.


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