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Surety and Expert Witness Work

Our experience includes expertise in the following:

  • Detailed knowledge of the cause and repair of construction defects
  • Cost of repairs of defects of construction work
  • Management or supervision of construction for site, infrastructure, and buildings
  • Detailed estimates of all areas of construction including sub-trades
  • Constructibility review of plans and specifications

Clients have included a surety company that was a subsidiary of Zurich of NA. That two year assignment required contractor evaluations, review of estimates, working with public agencies to prevent contractor defaults, and managing completion of projects on which contractors were defaulted. Projects included completion of a hospital in Idaho and the completion of runway construction at a major airport in Southern California.

Expert witness assignments include investigations and expert testimony for construction accidents and construction defects. An example case was providing investigative work for an attorney on a fatal accident that occurred during the demolition phase of a project in Texas. JSCPM has provided services on other fatal accidents on infrastructure projects, and testimony on many other cases involving accidents or construction defect cases.

Please contact us regarding your case at 650-722-4546
E-mail: jerry@jscpm.com

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