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Construction Clients
  • Metro Manila – Mayer Alfredo Lim
  • W.W. Dean and Associates
  • The Dean Group
  • Lourdis and Franco Solis – Associated with bank in Manila
  • InterCity Testing and Consulting
  • National Investment and Real Estate of California – Paul Wood (Chinese and Cambodian Projects)
  • Partnership of SSA and AMPM, Oakland – Vietnam Project
  • Cambodian Resources Redevelopment Group – Paul Woo
  • Sverdrup –Jacobsen Engineering
  • Crothall Asset Management
  • Linotex Printing
  • Various home owners
  • LK Homes - Taiwan – project in San Jose, CA
  • Regal Airways
  • Calif. Airlines Consulting group
  • Zurich of North America
  • Mountbatten Surety
  • LART Authority – Metro Manila (rapid transit authority)
  • Offshore Lenders – names must remain confidential

Various attorneys in California, Colorado, and Texas. list of cases , and reference list of attorneys

Environmental Construction Systems, Italy, Baltic areas

India : Landslide corrections and preventive measures for geofabricsindia.co.

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